Book Chapters

Bin Wang, Dan Zhao, Fuel Cells for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the book Entitled ‘Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies in Aviation’, edited by C. Ozgur Colpan and Ankica Kovac, Springer, 2022. ISSN2730-7778. ISBN: 9783030990176. 

Authored & Edited Books

1.       Dan Zhao, Nuomin Han, Ernest Goh, John Cater, Arne Reinecke, Wind Turbines and Aerodynamics Energy Harvesters, Academic Press (Elsevier), 2019. ISBN: 9780128171356. (Authored) 

2.       Sid Becker, Andrey Kuznetsov, Giuseppe Pontrelli, Filippo de Monte, Dan Zhao, Modelling of Mass Transport Processes in Biological Media, Academic Press (Elsevier), 2019. ISBN: 9780124079007. (Edited). 

3.       Dan Zhao, Thermoacoustic Instability and Its Control with Computer Codes, 1st Edition, Academic Press (Elsevier) (Authored book) ISBN: 9780323899109. (1100 pages, Authored) 

4.       Dan Zhao, Thermal Fluid Dynamics and Control in Aerospace, MDPI, (edited book). 2023. ISBN:

Patents (USA and China)

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