Courses taught between 2010-present

New Zealand


ENME314 Engineering Fluid Mechanics, 3rd year UGs

ENME460 Aerospace Propulsion , final year UGs (Course Coordinator)

ENME408 Final Year Project, final year UGs


ENME660 Advanced Aerospace Propulsion, Master Students (Course Coordinator)

ENME680 Independent Research Project, Master students (course coordinator)



AE3006 Propulsion, 3rd year UGs (Course Coordinator), Singapore NTU.

AE4613 Aeroelasticity , final year UGs (Course Coordinator), Singapore NTU.

AE1700 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering, 1st year Ugs, Singapore NTU


MA6622 Turbulent flow, Master Students (Course Coordinator), joint master programme between Germany TUM and Singapore NTU. Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering - TUM Asia (

MA7122, Engineering Acoustics, PhD students (course coordinator)

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